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Sustainability policy for the English Riviera Airshow

At the English Riviera Airshow, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainability in all aspects of our operations. We are constantly evolving our approach as new innovations come to market and in line with Torbay Council’s own commitments to ensuring all elements of the project are striving to make a lower impact on the planet.

Reducing energy consumption

We have halved our energy consumption for the Airshow since 2019. The event looks to work with local suppliers as much as possible to minimise travel required by crews and equipment. Where possible companies from Devon are selected who have a similar commitment to reducing power consumption within their working practices. Teams are asked to carshare and use public transport when traveling to the festival.

We have worked with our planning teams to halve the number of generators required to power the airshow. We have maximised the use of mains power supplies, which provider a much greener energy source than generators.

In the future, the event is striving to replace all the remaining diesel generators with those using EVO fuel to further reduce emissions.

Reducing waste

English Riviera Airshow is striving to minimise waste throughout every element of the site from recycling the rubbish created on site, to implementing policies alongside our suppliers.

As part of their commitment to trading at the Airshow, our food and drink vendors and promotional stalls are contracted to use recyclable packaging for all food products. No single use plastics are permitted to be sold on-site, including straws. The waste provider for the event SWISCo is highly regarded for event waste management, implementing recycling through the site to ensure no waste goes to landfill.

Sustainable travel

Travel is the number one emission creator of any event, so promoting sustainable travel is a vital part of every sustainability policy. We promote the use of trains, buses and bikes to visit the Airshow both on our travel and transport page and our social media channels. We also provide dedicated cycle parking for event visitors and the production team alike.

Mother and daughter on dodgems

Evaluate and improve

The Airshow employs a continual improvement model for its sustainability policy, working to engage suppliers, event attendees and its core organising team to innovate practices throughout the festival to ensure that it reduces emissions and minimises its planet impact more each year.

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