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Help make your Airshow fly!

The English Riviera Airshow has been bringing families and friends together since 2016. This free to attend event has grown in popularity, attracting thousands of spectators to the Bay.

Community Support

To be able to run the English Riviera Airshow we need your support. The monies raised go towards aviation displays, flight director costs, insurances and infrastructure.

We are looking for businesses and individuals to support us to soar by helping us to build our fantastic annual airshow. 

Through our website we ask for contributions towards the running costs of the show:


£65 donation


  • Listing on the official supporter’s area of the English Riviera Airshow website.
  • Receive a Patron window sticker for your business or home.
  • Receive two exclusive pin badges to wear to show your support.
  • Two invitations to the English Riviera Airshow launch event
  • Two entries into the raffle to win hospitality tickets for one day of the event

Friends of English Riviera Airshow

£15 donation


  • Listing on the official supporter’s area of the English Riviera Airshow website.
  • Receive an exclusive pin badge to wear to show your support.
  • Entry into a raffle to win hospitality tickets for one day of the event.

Corporate Contributions

£950 donation


  • ERA website (pre, during and post event)
  • ERA Social Media (pre, during and post event)
  • ERA Programme advertising – quarter page (pre and during event).

Thank you so much in advance for your kind generosity – the airshow would not be possible without you.

The event would not be possible without our partners, sponsors, local and regional businesses and charities who have all given their time, expertise and funding to the event. This year we’ve found terrific support from a host of local businesses whom, in recognising the economic and tourism benefit of the event, have come forward in support of the English Riviera Airshow.

You too can support the English Riviera Airshow by making a donation. Your contribution will help to secure the future of the Bay’s most spectacular event. Every penny donated will go directly to funding the fantastic flying, ground and on the water displays, ensuring we all can enjoy the English Riviera Airshow year on year.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the English Riviera Airshow, we look forward to working with you in 2025! 

Friends & Patrons

Below is a list of all those Friends & Patrons who are making the English Riviera Air Show possible. We give our greatest thanks to all those who choose to support us.


Yvonne Twelves
Lester Bowman
Iris Butler
Alun Lewis
Simon Cole
Patrick Bannon
Nigel Probert
Lee Pottinger
Steven Smith
Dorothy Jefferson
Mark Healey
Terry Styles
Mike Raeburn
John Traves
Sarah Waterfall
Michael Broad
Rita Marshall
Brian Albert John Knott
Sara Brasier-Creagh (Rose Court Holiday Apartments)
The 25 Boutique B&B
John Fellows
Ken Cowling
Belinda Southby
Duncan Simpson
Duncan Simpson
Valerie Pentecost
Andrew Lavey
Roger Lissenden
Babs Robertson
Annette Cavanna
Daniel Heyse
Amanda Read
Amanda Read
Susan Joseph
Arthur James
Arthuer James
Jennifer Hayers
Barbara Shingler
Cllr David & Jackie Thomas
The Clifton at Paignton
Anthony Stuart Marlor
Penny Rickman
Trevor Stevens
Robert Frost
Keith Chaplin
RLB Jones
RLB Jones
Gary Clempson
Gary Clempson
Phil Heneghan

Become a Friend of the English Riviera Air Show today!


James Twigger – Twigger Business Coaching
Alison Benney – EnlightenHR Ltd
Gesche Buecker – TQ3 Publishing
Nicole Amil
Debbie & David Phillips
Andy Bullen
Brian Wills-Pope
Neon Duck Training & Consulting
Chelston Dene Holiday Apartments
G R Williams
Lisa Tuck
Luke Chandler – SD Leaflet Distribution
Brian Jones
Jonathan Johnston
Jayne Stone
Vicky Price – St Weonards Hotel
Julie-Anne Afrin – The Briarfields
Jennifer Hayers
Roger Lissenden – Torbay Business Forum
Bernie Phillips – The Chippy
Nigel Penny
John Jervis
Tom Woodward
Alan & Trish Whytock – Cherry Tree Hotel

Become a Patron of the English Riviera Air Show today!

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