Saturday 6th - Sunday 7th June 2020

Support the English Riviera Airshow

The English Riviera Airshow has been bringing families and friends together since 2016. This free to attend event has grown in popularity, now attracting in excess of 165,000 spectators to the Bay over the two days.

The event would not be possible without our sponsors, individual organisations, local companies and charities who have all given their time and expertise to the event. This year we’ve found terrific support from a host of local businesses whom, in recognising the economic and tourism benefit of the event, have come forward in support of the English Riviera Airshow.

In 2019 we also introduced the Airshow Ambassadors programme, a unique opportunity for local businesses to be involved in the event and boost their profile across the English Riviera.

If you would like to make a personal contribution to the future of this event you can do so here.