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1. The English Riviera Airshow is a free outdoor event; our priority is the setting and well-being for our vendors and audiences.

2. The operation of a market stall must not interfere in any way with any agreed aerial and ground performances.

3. Event opening times are scheduled as follows:

Paignton Green (North, South) and Preston Green
Saturday 10.00 – 18.00
Sunday 10.00 – 18:00

4. All stalls must be staffed and operational during these times; stalls must not open late or close before the event closing time without the express permission of the Stalls Manager.

5. There is limited space therefore you must always remain within your allotted space.

6. We do not permit fly-pitching. Do not arrive at the English Riviera Airshow if you have not booked a pitch.

7. Stall location is allocated in advance by the Stalls Manager. The English Riviera Airshow Organisers reserve the right to reallocate stalls if necessary for operational reasons.

8. Trading pitches are non-transferable.

9. You must supply all the equipment that you need – gazebos and weights, tables, power, water, etc. (Exception – water is available from a standpipe located at Paignton Green). Structures must appear as per photos submitted as part of the application and should be presented in an appropriate and appealing manner.

10. You may not operate off a rug/blanket on the ground.

11. The stall fee includes:

a. Your pitch
b. Pre-event publicity
c. Supervision and management of Market Site
d. Waste management and recycling services
e. Access to W.C facilities during opening times
f. Premises trading Licence (if permission for alcohol is agreed by the Stalls Manager, the trader should apply in good time to Torbay Council for their own TEN’s)

12. The stall fee does not include:
a. Water supply
b. Stalls Fire Safety Equipment (see Fire Safety)
c. Stalls LPG Gas supply (if needed) (see Fire Safety)
d. Staffing to clear up your stalls area during dismantling
e. Stallholders’ own Employer & Public Liability Insurance, Product Liability Insurance, Loss, Fire & Theft Insurance (see Insurance)
f. All other stallholders’ equipment certifications, risk assessments & trading Health & Safety Policy Documents (see Health & Safety and Electrics)

13. You must comply with Health, Safety and Hygiene regulations and provide the Event Organisers with required documentation (see Health and Safety, below).

14. When booking your pitch, you must provide the English Riviera Airshow Organisers with proof of current Public Liability Insurance (see Insurance, below).

15. You may not use amplified sound.

16. You are not permitted to have any animals on your stall.

17. The English Riviera Airshow Organisers have the right to remove your stall from any site location should you not observe these Terms and Conditions.

18. The English Riviera Airshow Organisers reserve the right to object to anything in any way associated with a stall, which is not deemed appropriate, suitable, or benefiting the appearance / ethos of the English Riviera Airshow.

19. You are expected to manage queues to your own stall and ensure they do not endanger crowd safety and comply with the Airshow’s social distancing policy – refer to Health & Safety Section below.

Arrival and Departure / Vehicle Movement on site

1. You must arrive on site within the times stated in your joining instructions.

2. There will be no vehicle movement on site after the time stated in your joining instructions. Deliveries are not allowed during opening hours, and you must ensure that you have sufficient stock at your stall. Stallholders will be held responsible for any persons coming on site to deliver to or service their stall.

3. There is no on-site parking for stallholders. There is Stallholder Parking close to Paignton Green at Victoria Park. Each stand will receive 1 free car park pass – additional passes can be purchased.

4. Vehicles will not be allowed to re-enter the site until the Event Manager deems it appropriate.

5. You must depart from the site no later than the time stated in your joining instructions.

6. All traffic movements to/from/around the site will be supervised by the English Riviera Airshow stewards.

7. You must display your English Riviera Airshow 2024 Vehicle Pass on your vehicle at all times.

Waste & Recycling

1. Stallholders are responsible for keeping their area tidy including frontage and prep area behind your stall. All rubbish should be placed in the appropriate recycling/composting bins provided. Stallholders must remove from site and dispose of any waste oil.

2. Wastewater must be put in containers and not poured on to the ground

Responsible & Ethical Trading

1. We encourage all stallholders to ensure that their products have been responsibly sourced. This includes gifts, food, and drink. If you are able to demonstrate this, your application will be looked on favourably, so please highlight this on your application form.

2. All plates, cups etc. must be biodegradable.

3. We encourage all traders to operate a cashless system, there is one cash point service available at Paignton Green – withdrawals are chargeable.


1. Overnight security will be in place on Paignton Green and Preston Green. The site however is in a public area, so we recommend not leaving any cash on your stall overnight or leaving out any high value, easily portable objects.

2. The English Riviera Airshow Organisers cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to goods or equipment left onsite. You are advised to take out sufficient insurance to cover your goods and equipment for Loss, Damage, Fire and Theft, to remove goods overnight where possible, and to ensure your stall is properly secured at night.


1. It is essential the Stalls Manager is fully aware of your electrical requirements prior to the event.

2. You shall be liable for meeting the costs of repairing any electrical faults caused at the event by you or your staff’s use of electrical appliances.

3. Power may be available at some sites – please confirm on the application form if you require power to be provided. There is an additional charge for this.

4. Petrol generators are not permitted on site – all generators must be diesel / wind or solar powered only. Please advise us in advance of your power requirements and whether you will bring your own generator. All electrical equipment on site must have been tested and have a current PAT test certificate.

5. The English Riviera Airshow Organisers reserve the right to refuse traders the use of their own generators.

6. Please note the use of any heat producing electrical appliances such as fan heaters are prohibited.

Payment, Environmental Bond & Cancellation Policy

1. Once an application is approved, The English Riviera Airshow organisers – Torbay Council will request payment of the stall fee, and the fee for power.

2. The stalls application will not be confirmed, or a pitch allocated until full payment has been received.

3. The full balance must be paid in cleared funds by 26/04/2024.

4. The English Riviera Airshow Organisers reserve the right to cancel the English Riviera Airshow market and trading area if it is prevented from or delayed in the carrying on of its business due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control including, without limitation, acts of God, governmental actions, Category A Death, licensing restrictions, war or national emergency, acts of terrorism, protests, riot, civil commotion, fire, explosion, flood, epidemic, lock-outs, strikes or other labour disputes.

5. Should the event be cancelled, all stallholders will be refunded their pitch fees, and any additional fees paid. No payments will be made for additional costs incurred by stallholders including, but not limited to, transport costs, loss of earnings or goods bought.

6. If you should wish to cancel your booking for a stall, you must notify the English Riviera Airshow Organisers in writing. You will be refunded the full cost of any power plus 70% of your stall fee, if written cancellation is received before 26/04/2024. The remaining 30% will be kept to cover administration costs incurred by the cancellation.
7. No money will be refunded for cancellations made on, or after 03/05/2024 except for the Environmental Bond, if applicable, which will be returned in full.

Health & Safety

1. You and your staff must comply with all current Health & Safety; Food, Drink & Hygiene; and Licensing requirements of the English Riviera Airshow Organisers and Torbay Council.

2.You must not start trading until you have been given permission to trade by the Stalls Manager and / or the Event Safety Officer, following a Health & Safety Inspection. Health & Safety inspections will be carried out on the morning of your first day’s trading, before the event opens.

3. Emergency access routes will be established on all sites, these must be always kept clear of traffic and obstacles.

4. All Stallholders will be required to provide the following copies of documentation upon application:
a. Certificate of Employers and Public Liability / Product Liability Insurance.
b. PAT testing and Gas Safety certificates
c. Risk Assessments
d. Health and Safety Policy document (required if you employ 5 or more people)

5. Food stallholders are also required to provide the following copies on the application:
a. Food hygiene certificates and Local Authority ‘Star Rating’ Certificate
b. Where appropriate a HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) Assessment
c. Public Liability Insurance to a minimum of £5 million
d. Portable Gas appliance certificates issued within the last 12 months by a competent approved contractor for all Gas appliances.


1. All stallholders must provide proof of Employers and Public Liability Insurance to a minimum of £5 million.

2. Stallholders are also responsible for ensuring contractors delivering to or working at their stall are suitably insured.

3. All products and equipment that are brought onto site are done so at the owner’s risk and must be suitably insured (e.g., Loss, Damage, Fire and Theft). The event cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur during the event.

Fire Safety

1. Open fires and naked flames are not permitted within the market site – items such as candles must not be lit while on display.

2. Smoking is not permitted within stalls nor within 2 metres of the stall structure. No Smoking signage must be on display inside all cabins.

3. Petrol generators are not permitted on site (all generators should be diesel / wind or solar powered only).

4. Please ensure that you have adequate exit points in the event of a fire. Where appropriate, you should have fire safety equipment (e.g., fire blankets, H20 and CO2 fire extinguishers). These should have been tested in the last 12 months and must be to the satisfaction of the Event Safety Officer. All structures and drapes must be durable flame-proofed to BS3120.

5. Fire points will be established which will be identified to you during your health and safety sign off. You will also be given a briefing document that includes information on emergency procedures and contact details. All your staff should be briefed in what to do in the event of a fire (e.g., where to meet and how to raise an alarm).

6. Stallholders are only permitted to bring one spare container of bottled gas (LPG) on site. All gas containers must be kept outside any structure and secured in an upright position to a solid object to ensure they cannot fall over. Stallholders should speak to the Stalls Manager if they envisage any problems or require further clarification with this.

7. You are required to keep both the 5-metre area in front of your stall and the area behind your stall tidy and free of rubbish.


You will be required to complete a brief feedback form after the event to assist the organisers to gather evidence of the economic impact of the event. This information will help to improve the event and enable it to return in future years.


All property is brought onto site at the owner’s risk and The English Riviera Airshow Organisers, their servants and /or agents are unable to accept any liability for damage or losses howsoever caused. The English Riviera Airshow Organisers, their staff or agents are also unable to accept any liability for accidents or injuries sustained at this event, other than those caused because of our negligence. The English Riviera Airshow is not responsible for effects on the level of trade caused by weather or any unforeseen circumstances.

By trading at English Riviera Airshow, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Failure to do so could risk your stall being closed with no refund being given.

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